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Revolutionary Silkoskin™

Any company can offer a high-quality real doll type silicone sex doll. Any company can help you buy sex doll accessories. But it takes a real commitment to innovation and product development to produce a synthetic material like Silkoskin™. Our incredible Silkoskin™ looks and feels like the most realistic synthetic flesh you’ll ever encounter in a realistic love doll. It has the same durability and pleasurable feel that silicone has, but it’s between seventy and eighty percent less expensive than silicone construction. That means our Silkoskin™ sex dolls cost a fraction of the price of comparable real doll type realistic sex dolls. Better still, because Silkoskin™ looks and feels like silicone, but does not have the same maintenance issues that silicone has, you get a much more affordable product that is also easier to use! That means no worries about upkeep, no worries about silicone allergies, and no worries about the added weight of solid silicone construction. Silkoskin™ dolls are much more affordable than silicone sex dolls of the same size and detail, but their quality and, most importantly, the way they feel when you put your hands on them, is every bit as good. In fact, many of our clients prefer Silkoskin™ to silicone for pleasurable, realistic feel alone — to say nothing of the many benefits in decreased cost, decreased weight, and increased ease of maintenance. Silkoskin™ is the best thing to happen to the market since the first real doll type silicone sex dolls. In fact, it has been argued that Silkoskin™ sex dolls make silicone sex dolls look like blow up sex dolls by comparison. There simply IS no comparison when it comes to our incredible Silkoskin™ sex dolls… but our product line doesn’t stop there. We also sell a complete line of incredibly sexy, incredibly realistic, incredibly pleasurable silicone sex dolls.

Traditional Synthetic, Silicone Sex Dolls

We also offer more traditionally made silicone sex dolls. You’ve seen these before. Popular culture has embraced the real doll type realistic love doll to such an extent that silicone sex dolls have appeared in movies, on television shows and sitcoms, and in other popular entertainment. Interestingly, they are not always punch lines or objects of ridicule. Already, references to silicone sex dolls in popular culture are trending positive as more and more men — and yes, even women — discover the incredible benefits to be had in buying, maintaining, and using a silicone sex doll. The fact is that a silicone sex doll or a Silkoskin™ realistic love doll will help you achieve better satisfaction in your relationship, a better sex life overall, and more happiness no matter what your position in life. Whether you have a long-term relationship, a short-term relationship, or no relationship at all, introducing one of our real doll type silicone sex dolls into your life, or making the choice to buy sex doll products like our innovative Silkoskin™ models, will revolutionize the way you look at life, love, dating, and everything in between.

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