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Silicone Juliet

$1,999.00 $999.00

Category: ID: 3010

Hot little Juliet is a full-sized silicone sex doll whose killer body will give all of your senses — and your naughtiest fantasies — a run for their money. She has curves you can’t ignore, but once you get her clothes off, there’s a lot more for you to enjoy than just her looks. Her full, pouty lips are ready for you, as is her oral opening, which is textured for your pleasure. Use it to simulate incredible blowjobs with plenty of silicone-safe lube. When you’re done priming the pump and you want to get down and dirty, Juliet’s textured anal opening is tight and waiting. And of course there is her vaginal opening, which is not only textured for your pleasure, but sized for optimal pleasure and enjoyment.

Juliet is ready for love. Enjoy every one of her hot holes. Put your hands on every inch of her body. Feel how realistic she seems. She’s the same size and weight as a full-size woman, with all of the incredible pleasures that implies. You will never enjoy a more incredible sexual experience than you will with Juliet.

You simply can’t do better in a silicone sex doll than incredible Juliet, who is part of a product line hand-picked for your enjoyment and your satisfaction. Our sex dolls are the most realistic love dolls available on the market. When you want a lifelike sex doll, or when it’s time to buy sex doll accessories, you need Make your purchase today and feel the difference!