5 Best Japanese Sex Dolls 2020 [with Pictures!]

Have you ever wondered why Japanese Sex Dolls are so popular? There are a few reasons why people are attracted to these beauties. Firstly, Japanese sex dolls have unique, innocent-looking faces which, depict an unexplored culture that yearns for your touch.

Also, Japanese culture is quite reserved, and the women treasure their virginity very much. In the same way, their sex dolls are designed with tight vaginas for you to savor and enjoy for a long time. These petite sex dolls are seductive, innocent, enticing, and very submissive, which makes men love them.

So, now that we’ve established why the Asian sex dolls are idolized around the world, why not look at some of the top Japanese Sex Dolls in 2020.

1. Yuna, the Japanese Sex Goddess

Standing at 5ft 2inches, Yuna promises to transform your average sex life and take it to the next level. This amazing Japanese Sex Doll represents a blend of Japanese oriental upbringing and the wild western culture. And though, she’s born and bred in America, Yuna speaks fluent English which she has picked up in her short stay in the United States.

This Asian beauty is not ashamed to talk about her thirst for sex and admits to liking playing Dom-sub fantasies. She is glowing, submissive, and always ready to pleasure her partner with either of her three orifices. Yuna also boasts of flexibility and agility which renders her able to take on any sex position deemed challenging any time of the day.

Do you think you can sustain her thirst for sex? Well, show her what you have.

You never know, she might be yours!

2. Miyuki, the Sassy Asian Sex Doll

Miyuki is a sassy lingerie model who hails from Takayama, a small town in Japan. Ever since she was little, this gorgeous 20-year-old wanted to be a model and make it big in the United States. Luckily she got a scholarship to study in the U.S and is now living her childhood dream.

At such a tender age, Miyuki has already been featured in prominent beauty magazines and walked down some of the most coveted runways. Her busy schedule leaves no room for her social life, and now that she has her very first summer break, she only wants one thing- someone who will genuinely love and appreciate her away from the cameras.

“I have a lot of fans, and I’m happy for the love I get, but I feel incomplete.”

Are you the lucky guy who’ll complete this Japanese beauty?

She’s all yours!

3. Lulu, the Petite Japanese Sex Doll

Standing at 4ft 7inches, Lulu is one of the most sought-after Japanese Sex dolls, thanks to her unique physique that commands the attention of everyone, wherever she goes. Men and women, Lulu admits that nothing turns her on as the sexual attention she receives.

This glorious Asian sex doll exhumes brilliance and oozes sassiness. Go home with Lulu and say goodbye to regular, boring nights- she is hungry for new experiences and sex is a driving fascination for her. Lulu pledges to be submissive to her new boyfriend, and nothing you can do to her in the bedroom is forbidden- she’s all yours!

What are you waiting for?

“Come, baby come!”

4. Lia, the Glorious Asian Sex Doll

This charming Asian Sex Doll was born in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan but had always wanted to move to the United States. And now that she’s living the American dream, Lia is looking for a man who will treat her like a queen and appreciate her determination and positive outlook on life.

Lia is a trained dancer and has one of the most flexible and agile bodies you’ll ever see. Her small body and flexible design allow you to easily enjoy multiple sex positions with this Japanese beauty from anywhere in the house. She isn’t afraid to convey her thirst for sex, and all she wants is a horny, adventurous partner- that’s you. Right?

Take her with you and enjoy fun, long nights of unforgettable sexual pleasure.

5. Tina, the Fun-Sized Sex Doll

Tina is the cutest 18-year-old you’ll ever meet. This fine and attractive Asian sex doll has all the good things you’ve heard about Asian women. Talk of an innocent, cute face, submissive spirit, and sexual prowess- Tina has it all.

Just like the typical Japanese woman, she has a petite, attractive body that makes carrying her around the house possible as you enjoy her inviting allure from all angles. And don’t be fooled by her innocent looks, she enjoys unanticipated sex, and there are no limits with her. She’s an adventurous princess who’s on a mission to enjoy life with her new Prince Charming.

And what does she ask in return? Someone to enjoy her beauty and pure heart. That shouldn’t be a problem for you. Right?

I’m sure you’ve seen why everyone craves for a Japanese Sex Doll. These alluring sex dolls are attractive, submissive, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

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