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The sex doll industry has been thriving for many years now and in that time we've seen all sort of sex doll variation be invented.  Among many other interesting variants, the simple and functional mini sex doll has been a popular choice for sex doll buyers across the world.  In this article we'll tell you the best mini sex dolls you can buy right now, additionally  we'll cover the benefits and drawbacks mini sex dolls, and how to choose the best one for you.

Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls

Victoria - 4 feet 11 inches

Best Price For Victoria: Shop Victoria

Victoria is our top pick for the best mini sex dolls currently available in the industry.  Standing at a tiny 4 feet 11 inches she is a petite but still good size sex doll.  Her measurements are modest but she has all the curves, legs, and ass of a full size doll.  Her face, as well, leaves nothing to be desired.  She is simply a blonde haired, tanned skin beauty, something like you'd find on the beaches of Southern California or the Gulf Coast in Florida, perhaps a freshman at one of the local state universities.  Enough fantasizing about her potential backstory, let's talk about the fact.

She is made by the IronTech doll factory located in Southern China.  Irontech doll is known for high quality TPE dolls available in many models, they have more doll types than any other manufacturer.  Victoria's thermoplastic elastomer skin gives her the softness of a real woman and the durability of a high quality sex toy.  All together she weighs a paltry 59 pounds, so you'll be able to easily lift her and put her into any position you like.

Rouge - 4 feet 11 inches

Best Price For Rouge: Shop Rouge

Rouge is another fantastic pick for shoppers looking at mini sex dolls.  Coincidentally Rouge is the same body type as the previous doll and therefore she has the same height and weight.  If you noticed a trend with our first two choices, you're correct! We think the 150cm IronTech doll is the best mini sex doll body on the market currently.  Rouge could have very easily been number one on our list, but we are a sucker for blondes.

Rouge is made of TPE and has a metal skeleton which can be posed to all of your favorite positions.  She ships in approximately 2 weeks after your order is placed, so you'll have her in 3 weeks from the date that you ordered.  What makes Rouge unique is the attention to detail on her finer features.  For example, if you look at the contouring and lines around her stomach area you'll see how the designers went the extra mile to give her a more realistic look than your average doll.

Vanessa - 4 feet 7 inches

Best Price For Vanessa: Shop Vanessa

Vanessa comes in at number for our mini sex doll review.  She is a blonde haired bombshell with a pretty face and body proportions that will awaken even the most dormant libidos.  What really earned Vanessa her number 3 ranking though is one feature and one feature only, her heaving breasts.  For a mini sex doll to have breasts this big and to still look relatively realistic is very rare in the sex doll industry.  Typically if a mini sex doll has big breasts they are larger-than-life and don't look natural at all.  Vanessa's bust line is both bountiful and tasteful, kind of like a Hooters girl.

Vanessa is made by JY Doll, a reputable sex doll manufacturer in China.  They make a wide range of TPE dolls in both European and Asian looks. is one of their exclusive vendors serving the Western markets.  Their 140cm model is definitely one of their best if you're looking for a small sex doll.  In imperial measurements, she stands at 4 feet 7 inches tall and weighs just under 55 pounds. If looking for a small doll that doesn't lack in the chest department, Vanessa is your girl.

Lulu - 4 feet 9 inches

Best Price For Lulu: Shop Lulu

Lulu is the first Asian doll to make our list, so if that's what you prefer she's the doll for you.  She has slim and petite proportions with small perky breasts with cute pink nipples on top.  This mini sex doll is made by Irontech doll so you can be sure of her quality construction and attention to detail by the makers.  She is 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 60 pounds.  You'll have no trouble picking her up and carrying her to your bed.

Tina - 4 feet 9 inches

Best Price For Tina: Shop Tina

Tina is similar to Lulu, in fact, they have the exact same body type - the Irontech 145 cm model.  She is a mini sex doll for the men who prefer a younger looking girl, though she is tall enough not to be classified as a child sex doll.  She has wide, bright eyes that really set her apart from other dolls.

Why Buy A Mini Sex Doll

Should you buy a mini sex doll or just pay the extra money for a full size sex doll? Obviously if you want the most lifelike experience you go with the full size doll.  However, there are a few advantages to buying a mini sex doll that you may want to consider first.

1. Weight - As mentioned in our article about sex doll weight, it is often a surprise to many first time sex doll owners how much a sex doll weighs.  They can be quite cumbersome if you're not the biggest guy or have a disability.  A mini sex doll will be much lighter and easier for you to carry.

2. Space - It is important to consider how you will store your sex doll once she arrives.  Do you have space under your bed? Maybe you'll put her in the closet, or just leave her laying in your bed.  If you don't have much storage space you may prefer to get a mini sex doll since she'll take up less space in your apartment then a full doll.  With a mini sex doll she is easier to hide away if you have guests over too.

3. Attraction - Some guys just prefer smaller women.  If that's you then a mini sex doll is the right choice for you purchase.

4. Cost - For many of us, buying a luxury sex doll for $3,000 is just not a realistic option.  Mini sex dolls are typically cheaper than their full-sized counterparts saving you money for basically the same sexual experience.  Therefore men looking for an affordable sex doll should definitely consider compromising on size and getting a smaller sex doll.

How To Pick The Best Mini Sex Doll For You

After you've decided that you'd like to purchase a mini sex doll, you should start with a Google search to find websites that sell them.  You'll want to browse a few different websites to get a feel for the pricing and services each company offers.  Unfortunately there are a few scams in the sex doll market, companies will sell cheap knock-offs and use the product photos from the legit vendors.  You'll be very disappointed with the difference between the photos online and how your doll looks in real life.  Hopefully, you come across in your research as we offer some of the best pricing for authentic dolls online.

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