10 Best Sex Dolls in 2020

If you’ve never experienced a sex doll before, what first crosses your mind when you think of one?

Probably one of those cheap blow-up dolls, right?

Well, prepare to angle those low expectations upward. The sex doll market has matured, and you can now choose a sex doll to suit your tastes just as easily as you could choose a girl in a nightclub.

There are many reasons for people to buy a sex doll. These playthings are for couples just as much as singles. Also, you might be in a relationship but fancy a little extra fun when your partner is not in the mood. Sex dolls also make great gifts so don’t get caught up thinking there’s anything wrong with treating yourself to one of these lifelike dolls.

Whether it’s for your solo sexual pleasure or use within a loving relationship (maybe even a combination of both), you’ll be amazed at the range of choice up for grabs.

If it is your first time buying a sex doll, the array of choices can be overwhelming.

In this post, we review 10 of the top sex dolls on the market. After that, we’ll walk you through some of the main things you should consider when you’re looking to buy a sex doll.

Let’s get straight down to business.

10 of the Top Sex Dolls in 2020

With so many dolls on the market, choosing one can be bewildering.

We’ve curated a representative selection of just some of what’s available if you fancy a little company at night.

We’ve tried to cater for all tastes so here come 10 of the best sex dolls for 2019 to whet your appetite and give you some inspiration.

1. Japanese Sex Doll: Emma

A petite doll with small but very pert 29-inch breasts, Emma is Japanese-American with decadently darkened skin and an innocent face but a body built for sin. Her waist is tiny at just 19 inches while her hips swell out at 29 inches. Best of all, her ass is sweetly rounded.

You can enjoy vaginal, anal, or oral sex with Emma. The vagina is shaven, and she comes toting some very sexy underwear.

Less than 5 feet tall and barely more than 50 pounds, the steel skeleton of this doll means you can throw Emma around a little without worrying about any damage. She’s very flexible too so you’ll get a nice, natural experience.

2. Platinum Blonde Sex Doll: Vanessa

They say gentlemen prefer blondes, and if you prefer a paler alternative to Lana, Amber may be your best choice. She is an all-American girl with large 32-inch breasts that feel supple to the touch.

While she’s got a cascade of white-blonde hair up top, she’s clean-shaven down below. As well as a tight vagina, you can also enjoy blowjobs and anal. Amber is game for anything.

Vanessa is certainly not the cheapest girl at your disposal but who wants cheap when you can have the best? And if you’re struggling to justify the expense, you might benefit from a payment plan. Just don’t tell Vanessa you couldn’t afford her!

3. Flexible Sex Doll: Jennifer

Jennifer is one of the most flexible girls you’ll meet. If you’re interested in the mechanics, the ball-socket joints of this doll mean you can bend her legs at will without worrying about straining her.

As with all the best sex dolls, there’s no compromise needed. You can enjoy Jennifer all 3 ways from shaven vagina to ass and mouth.

Jennifer’s skin is porcelain pale, and her hair comes in tumbles of loose, blonde curls. With a peachy ass and large lips, you won’t be getting much sleep with Jennifer in bed.

4. Big Tits Sex Doll: Grace

If you’re looking for a more voluptuous lover, Grace is expensive but worth every cent.

The lifelike feel of the TPE gives those huge breasts plenty of movement, and you won’t be able to leave the 35-inchers alone. Crowned with large and pale nipples, once you work your way down, you’ll get a deep but tight vagina that will caress you as you go about your business. You’ll also be able to take her from behind if you ask nicely. Best of all, she’s a blowjob specialist.

With a waspish 21-inch waist and rolling 38-inch hips, her ass arguably rivals those breasts as her best feature. We’ll say it again — Grace is not cheap. But if you love the finer things in life and you’ve got a more fluid budget, you won’t regret splurging on her.

5. Athletic Sex Doll: Pauline

Pauline has an exotic heritage with a Venezuelan background that gives her skin a sun-kissed hue. She’s got large hazel eyes and bee-stung lips perfectly suited for blow-jobs.

Made from TPE and measuring 5 foot 7 inches, Pauline tips the scales at 90 pounds. She is built for action. Her underwear is sporty, and she will really put you through your paces in the bedroom.

Her breasts are large at fully 35 inches, and she’s got a firm, rounded ass. With vaginal, oral, and anal sex on the menu, you won’t get bored with Pauline in the house. In fact, you’ll seldom leave the house if she has her way!

6. Big Ass Sex Doll: Beth

If you like your women supersized, Beth is the obvious choice. Enormous 39-inch breasts would be her crowning glory, but they’ve got some serious competition from a juicy bubble butt built to give you some pure pleasure.

With pale skin and dark, straight hair, Beth looks innocent with clothes on but utterly sinful when you strip her down. Piercing blue eyes seem to stare right through you, and you just won’t know what to grab hold of first.

From blowjobs to straight sex, you’ve got endless hours of pleasure ahead if you invest in yourself by choosing Beth. Just make sure you bring a few glasses of water to the bedroom.

7. Wide Hip Sex Doll: Aliah

Dusky brown with ample tits and ass, Allah is a dream come true.

Although she’s just 5 foot 3 inches and weighs 60 pounds, her curvy hips and swollen butt are set off with a tiny waist and huge 39-inch breasts. She is what many would call the complete package.

Bright red lips will invite you to get her sucking you while you can also opt for vaginal or anal. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ve got all main bases covered.

Purple panties contrast perfectly with her tan skin. You’ll be in heaven with Aliah beside you in bed.

8. Asian Sex Doll: Nana

In total contrast to Aliah, Nana is a tiny Japanese girl who almost looks elfish. If you’re into waif-like women, then Nana may be your best choice.

A super-petite bust of just 24 inches along with a tiny 21-inch waist means Nana would be straight up and down if it weren’t for those 31-inch hips adding a little curve.

Flexible joints draped over a steel skeleton with the tactile feel TPE delivers best. You’ll be eager to snuggle up with your exotic beauty when you get home from work. And she won’t be asking you to take her out later either…Except up to the bedroom, of course!

9. Athletic Sex Doll: Barbie

With 32Cs and a taut washboard stomach, Barbie is muscular without looking remotely masculine. Jet-black hair as her name suggests sets off a tan that any woman would die to have.

A compact 5 feet 5 inches with a peachy ass and long, lean legs, Barbie offers vaginal and anal along with oral. She gives you everything you could want whenever you want it.

Fully flexible, you’ll be able to angle those sublime legs and enjoy an athletic romp with a girlfriend who never gets tired and never complains. If you treat yourself to Raven, the only question you’ll have is why you waited so long to spend a night with her.

10. Latina Sex Doll: Helena

Rounding out this look at the best sex dolls is a Latina gem, Helena.

She is tall and rangy at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 77 pounds. Most of that weight is due to enormous 40-inch breasts you won’t be able to put down.

Flip her around, and you’ll get that J-Lo ass you’d expect from any Latina beauty with soft TPE giving you a great sensation.

Take Helena any way you feel like from her shaven vagina to that gorgeous ass or pop it between those bright red blow-job lips when you want to be lazy.

More On Finding The Best Sex Doll

If you’ve never looked for a sex doll before, you’ll be staggered at the range of choice.

To make your life easier, we’ll walk you through some of the primary considerations when looking to buy a sex doll.

First thing’s first, think about the cash you’re prepared to invest in this surrogate girlfriend. Doing this will immediately thin out your options and simplify your buying decision. The added advantage is that you won’t be tempted to overspend and overcommit yourself.

Price Range

Price can be cleaved into 3 main bands:

  • Entry-Level Sex Doll
  • Mid-Range Sex Doll
  • Luxury Sex Doll

Entry-Level Sex Doll

At the lower end of the market as far as price goes, you’ll generally have to settle for a smaller doll. That said, the fact the doll is only 3 feet high comes with the built-in advantages of discretion and portability.

Lightweight and portable as well as very easy to handle, these inexpensive, mini sex dolls make a great entry point if you’re not fully committed to the idea but fancy trying one out before investing more.

Expect to pay anywhere from $500 to around $1000 for an entry-level doll.

Mid-Range Sex Doll

If you want a much more realistic experience of sex with a woman, stepping things up to the $1500 to $2250 price-point gives you access to a variety of mid-range dolls.

Lifelike materials and fine attention to detail are standard, and you’ll be looking at either TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or fairly low-grade silicone in terms of material. Either finish translates to a soft and supple doll.

These dolls boast thin but durable metal skeletons and usually have flexible joints, but you’ll need to exercise caution so they don’t end up snapping. Joints can degenerate over time just like the real thing!

You should keep your expectations reasonable in terms of lifespan. Buy a mid-range sex doll with the hope of a year or two of serious action rather than expecting half a decade of service. Do your sums based on value over that period, and you’ll see you could be spending no more than a couple bucks a day for the ride of a lifetime. It’s not so expensive when you think about it in those terms.

Luxury Sex Doll

At the upscale end of the sex doll market, expect to pay anywhere from $4000 to north of $10,000. Again, calculate that cost set against daily use and, while expensive, it starts to seem like reasonable overall value given that you could easily get 5 years or more from a high-end doll.

Realistic features without the occasional flaws you get in cheaper models are combined with highly contoured and lifelike features along with vaginas and openings that feel pretty much like the real deal.

Most dolls in this price range are fashioned from top-tier silicone. Robust skeletons and flexible, long-lasting joints complete a top-notch product. You won’t get the same degeneration over time either that you might suffer with a cheaper sex doll.

With your pricing out of the way, focus next on materials.


Most sex dolls are made from one of two materials:

  • Silicone
  • TPE


We’ll start with silicone. This is usually saved for the more expensive sex dolls and manages to combine durability, suppleness and a true-to-life feel in one outstanding package.

One of the key selling points aside from that lifelike feel is how easy it is to clean silicone. It goes unsaid that regular cleaning is a must for reasons that don’t need outlining. Silicone doesn’t retain moisture, so all you’ll need to do is wipe it down.

On the flipside, silicone dolls are markedly more expensive, and you won’t get quite as much movement as you will with your other option.


TPE is more pocket-friendly and also feels a lot softer. It gives you more movement than you’ll find in a silicone doll.

TPE sex dolls work well with both silicone-based and water-based lubricants, but they come with some drawbacks…

Cleaning is more work since the material retains moisture and these dolls pick up stains a little more easily. The melting point of TPE is fairly low – 104 degrees – so if you live somewhere with scorching heat, be sure to keep your doll in a cool place.

Specialty Sex Dolls

If you’re looking for something a little more specialized, you can choose from a vast range of dolls catering to your every whim.

Here are just a few examples of the type of dolls at your disposal:

  • Big Breasts
  • Flat-Chested
  • Big Ass
  • Black
  • Japanese
  • MILF
  • Schoolgirl

This really is just scratching the surface. Whatever your preference, there’s a sex doll made just for you!

Weight and Size

With the sex dolls listed above, we’ve drawn your attention to the various sizes and weights. Dolls also come with varying breast sizes, and the hips and ass will all measure up differently depending on the model you choose.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Focus on what most turns you on and buy in line with that.

You should also consider storage. Do you need to stash your doll in a restricted space? If so, shoot for one that’s as compact as possible.

Also, think about your own strength and ask yourself if the biggest sex doll on the market makes the most sense. For some people, something smaller would make a better fit.

Range of Motion and Flexibility

Depending on how you move in the bedroom, you might prioritize flexibility or you might prefer a sex doll that’s a little more rigid.

Check reviews for the flexibility of joints and look out for reviews about how easy it is to move your doll around, how far you can spread her legs to position her to your liking.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules here. It’s not a case of finding the best sex doll but of making sure you get the best sex doll for you.

Sex Doll Alternatives

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a full-bore sex doll, you can pick up plenty of alternatives to get an initial feel for things before investing all the way.

Some options include:

  • Pocket Pussy
  • Feet
  • Torsos
  • Ass and Vagina

Final Word

Finding the top sex doll for 2019 is an exciting prospect with almost unlimited choice at your disposal.

Use the above pointers to help you on your way and think seriously about any of the 10 dolls we review, all of which come with our seal of approval.

Happy shopping!

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