7 Best TPE Sex Dolls 2020

When researching sex dolls to buy you'll quickly realize that TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is the most popular material for sex dolls.  Aside from a few manufacturer's that specialize in silicone, TPE is the material of choice for most of the main stream sex doll brands.  This is because TPE offers the most realistic experience for the customer without sacrificing durability and lifespan for your sex doll.

What are the advantages of a TPE sex doll versus sex dolls of other material like silicone, fabric, or rubber?

  • Softness - TPE is soft and lifelike to the touch.  Just like a real woman, your TPE sex doll's skin will be soft and smooth with just the right jiggle and movement.  Other materials like silicone and rubber are much harder and therefore won't feel as real nor will they provide the right amount of jiggle.
  • Durability - TPE is soft, but it is still very durable.  Most TPE compounds can stretch up to 5x their normal shape and return to their original shape without any permanent damage.  Your doll will be resistant to rips and tears from moving her joints around and using your doll in bed.
  • Easy to repair & clean - TPE material, although very tough, is not totally indestructible.  The good news is it's very easy to clean or repair.  Most stains can be removed with soap and warm water, and if there are rips or tears a simple application of TPE glue will have your doll healed in no time.
  • Hygienic - TPE is a very easy material to sterilize for personal usage.  When you're finished with your doll you can easily clean her out and sterilize her with a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser.  With this simple cleaning process, you can be secure in knowing that the TPE material will be clean and safe to use next time.

Now that you know some of the benefits of TPE as a material for sex dolls, let's take a look at some of the best TPE sex dolls for sale right now.

Top TPE Sex Dolls in 2020

1. Beth 166cm Piper Doll

Shop Beth - $2,299.00

Beth is the best TPE sex doll in the Piper Doll line up and, in our opinion, also the best available in the whole market.  Piper doll is known for the high quality products and incredibly sexy sex doll models.   They are one of the few sex dolls on the market that are fully seamless and therefore the most realistic.

Beth in particular is their full-size model.  She has a beautiful face, and perfect body proportions.  She is made to satisfy both the ass-man and the breast-man with a wonderfully full figure bursting with fertility.  You can't going wrong buying a Piper Doll as they are probably the best and most exclusive TPE doll brand currently available.

2. Jennifer 166cm JY Doll

Shop Jennifer - $1,899.00

If you're looking for value and a European looking sex doll rather than Asian, Jennifer is one of the best dolls you can choose.  Not only is she beautiful looking and well made, but she is competitively priced as well.  If you're looking for an authentic doll from a reputable sexdoll manufacturer, it is hard to find a sex doll of this height for this price.

Jennifer is blonde haired, blue eyed and tanned buy default, but she is customizable so you can make her any way you'd like.  Her main differentiating features are surely her piercing eyes and hopelessly round tits.  She's a doll you can be confident you'll never bore of as her body is simply a joyful playground that will keep on giving.

3. Kitty 165cm JY Doll

Shop Kitty - $1,999.00

If Jennifer was the best value TPE sex doll for caucasian seekers, Kitty is the best for Asian lovers.  She is incredibly well made and very well priced for a full-size realistic sex doll.  She looks and feels just like a real woman at her sexual peak.  There are men that will rave about her bust over everything else, however we think Kitty's true power lies in the seductive shape of her lips.  Slightly parted, a little puckered, and just a bit puffy, we think this aspect really sets her apart from other sex dolls in her price range.

Kitty is also a JY Doll so you can be assured of her quality and the attention to detail she'll be made with. We can't recommend Kitty enough for men wanting an Asian or Japanese sex doll for a great price.

4. Lina 157cm Irontech Doll

Shop Lina - $1,799.00

Lina is the second Asian sex doll on our list and is a great choice for top TPE sex doll for a number of reasons.  The first and foremost reason is her amazing butt.  We didn't picture it above because we want to keep this competition fare, but we highly encourage you to go check out her product pictures to see this thing in all it's glory.  Our genius photographers even got it all oiled and lubed up so you can get a preview of what she'll look like when you get her home.

Lina is an Irontech doll brand sex doll, a relatively new brand, but has quickly gained a reputation for making high quality and original TPE sex dolls.  They have really hit a home-run with Lina.

5. Pauline 150cm JY Doll

Shop Pauline - $1,799.00

Pauline is the most unique doll on our ranking, her looks are striking and we find she evokes a strong response in people both positive and negative.  One thing is for sure though, those that love her, really love her.  Where else can you find a sex doll with these proportions? The answer is no where.  Pauline is one of a kind.

She has a rock hard stomach with defined abs, ridiculously large breasts, and cute face to boot with warm eyes and a chiseled nose.  Despite her hard looks, owners of Pauline are always surprised and pleased by the incredible softness of her breasts when they receive her.  They report of the arousal they experience from watching her heaving mounds bounce up and down during intercourse. Although she's not everyone's type, we definitely recommend checking her out.

6. Grace 155cm JY Doll

Shop Grace - $1,999.00

Grace has made our list because of her pure beauty.  I think the picture says it better than I ever could.  Look at the angelic face, sympathetic eyes, allow your gaze to trickle down her high cheek bones and cute nose to her supple red lips, sexy neck and expose collarbone, and last but not least, feast on her absolutely massive breasts.

I think it would be hard to find a man that doesn't find this doll highly attractive.  What's more is she's a good size doll at 155cm for a price less than 2 grand.  If you love bountiful blondes, Grace is the TPE sex doll for you.

7. Vanessa 140cm JY Doll

Shop Vanessa - $1,599.00

The last doll to make our list of top TPE sex dolls is Vanessa.  We included Vanessa because she is the best doll for beginners.  If you're new to sex doll ownership and a bit timid or unsure if you'll like it, we recommend a doll like Vanessa.  She is a bit smaller than all the other dolls above, so she'll be easy to move around, store and clean.  Her reduced stature also gives her a lower price point, keeping your initial investment lower in the case you find sex doll ownership is not for you.

Though she is definitely an entry-level sex doll, don't think you'll have to sacrifice too much on the carnal side.  Vanessa is still fully loaded with amazingly perky boobs, and wide hips that flow into a full ass.  She has all the fun things to play with and grab as you take her from behind or whatever you like.

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