Celebrity and Pornstar Sex Dolls

Celebrity and sex symbol are almost one in the same these days.  Every man, if they're telling the truth, has had a fantasy involving a celebrity or porn star.  Your fantasy may not even be a real person, but a famous character like Harley Quinn or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.  It was only a matter of time after the first sex doll was made when we would start to see sex dolls of famous people or characters.

The article will introduce you to the concept of celebrity sex dolls, inform you about the legal aspects for copyright, and finally we'll tell you where you can buy celebrity sex dolls.  Let's jump into it!

What are celebrity sex dolls?

A celebrity sex dolls is a sex doll made in the likeness of a famous person. This is typically an actress, singer, porn star, or even fantasy characters.  These sex dolls are made for men that wish to live out their fantasies of being with and having sex with certain famous women.  They are made with the same facial features and body types as the real person, with functioning orifices for sexual use - typically vaginal, anal, and oral.  They are usually made with TPE or Silicone to give them real feeling and looking skin, and metal skeletons which support them and allow their users to put them in different positions.

Are celebrity sex dolls legal?

This is a tricky one as there isn't any high profile cases we can point to as setting the legal precedence here.  A good rule of thumb is that if you aren't buying to resell or make a profit, you'll generally be fine.  In other words, purchasing a celebrity doll for personal consumption is fine in most cases.  If the celebrity were to take action it would likely be against the seller for royalties, not the buyer.  This is the same for companies that own the copyright rights for fictional characters as well.

So the bottomline is, if you're using it for personal consumption only, you should be safe purchasing a celebrity sex doll.  Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and only speaking from our personal experience.

How to manufacturers get the rights to make celebrity sex dolls? Often times they will make a partnership with the person directly.  For example, RealDoll has partnerships with a few high profile porn stars to make and sell sex dolls of them.  In other cases, the manufacturer will make a sex doll that looks like a celebrity, but they won't directly say it's a sex doll of them.  They will leave some room for reasonable doubt, it just looks like a convenient coincidence that they're selling a sex doll named Britney that looks oddly like Britney Spears.

Where can I buy celebrity and pornstar sex dolls?

If you want to purchase as celebrity sex doll there are a few options you can checkout.  First, there are the pre-made celebrity sex dolls.  These dolls are designed by doll manufacturers to look directly or in-directly like a celebrity or porn star.  This option is great if you can find the one you're looking for because pre-made dolls are much more affordable than the second option, a custom made doll.

Here are some of the top options for pre-made dolls:

Best Porn Star Sex Dolls

Ayumi Anime Sex Doll: Ayumi Anime is one of the first adult celebrities/porn star to embrace the sex doll industry.  She has a sex doll made in her likeness that has been a big hit with fans and customers.  Ayumi is known for her fit body and perfect round ass, all which is immediately noticeable when you see her sex doll.  For Ayumi fans this is an amazing opportunity to be with your fantasy girl, and for porn stars, the success of this doll should wake you up to the idea of having a sex doll created of yourself.

The Ayumi Anime sex doll is manufactured by the well respected IronTech Doll and is available for purchase right here on Sex Doll.com.

Asa Akira Sex Doll: Asa Akira is one of the most famous and successful porn stars of all time.  In the US market she is basically the face of the Asian porn star category.  She is known for having almost no boundaries to what she will do on camera, one of the freakiest girls in the industry.  This adventurousness has made her a huge hit with the horny and depraved men online.  It is no wonder that sex doll company RealDoll chose her as one of the first celebrity sex dolls they've made.  This sex doll looks amazing and is made with some of the best materials and craftsmanship money can buy.  This also makes her one of the most expensive sex dolls currently on the market.


Stormy Daniels Sex Doll: Stormy Daniels is an adult actress and stripper who was well known in her own circles, but rocketed to the spotlight in a recent scandal with Donald Trump.  Immediately after the news broke men all over the world were Googling this woman's name to see who the woman was that tempted the wealthy Donald Trump to have an affair and attempt to hide it from the world.  If you'd like to have a slice of what he tried many years ago, now is your chance.  RealDoll also makes a sex doll doll in the likeness of Stormy Daniels from her prime years.  Like Asa Akira, she comes with a hefty $6,500.00 price tag, wow! The good news is you won't have to pay her off to keep her quiet afterwards.


Best Celebrity Sex Dolls

Harley Quinn Sex Doll: Harley Quinn is a popular fictional character from the DC Comics.  She is known for her crazy but dangerously sexy personality and self-destructive behavior.  Combined with her tight body and ripped clothing, it's no wonder she often tops the list of many men's fantasy crushes.  It helps that she was recently portrayed by the stunning Margeux Robbie as well.

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll is manufactured by Qita Doll and can be purchased from SiliconWives.com.

Lara Croft Sex Doll: Tomb Raider's Lara Croft is another immensely popular fictional character sex doll.  She has captured the hearts and minds of virile men for decades, first in the video game series, and then in the movie theaters.  She is known for her lithe body, acrobatic movements, pretty but tough appearance.  Her most well-known portrayal was by Angelina Jolie.

She is made by WM Doll, one of the most famous and well-known sex doll manufacturers in the world.  You can be confident she's well made and will last you for a long time!

Melania Trump Sex Doll: Melania Trump has always been a beauty, but her fame truly came about during the USA 2016 Presidential Election when all attention was on her husband and his family.  Politics aside, she is easily one of the best looking First Ladies that the USA has ever had.  She was a former super model, and if you google well enough you can find old photos of her posing topless for a magazine.  If you ever wanted a chance to have sex with a current first lady, you're in luck, we've found an uncanny Melania Trump sex doll.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll: Taylor Swift is one of those untouchable good-girl types that you wish you could take for a tumble in the mud.  For some, there is no better feeling than making a good girl go bad, even for just one night.  As she has grown older, she's shown more of her adult side and developed her sexuality, but she is still that girl next door type for many of us.

This one is not a direct match, but the manufacturer 6Ye Doll makes a doll that could easily pass for a Taylor Swift sex doll.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Sex Doll: Finally we come to another fantasy character that has recently reasserted herself as a sex icon in popular culture.  This was all thanks to the performance of Gal Galdot in the recent Wonder Woman blockbuster.  In this movie we see Wonder Woman leap around the battlefield in a skimpy battlesuit that leaves little to the imagination.

The Wonder Woman sex doll is made by WM Doll manufacturer.

Custom Sex Doll: The second option for a sex doll of a famous person is to commission a full custom doll from a sex doll manufacturer.  They will ask you to provide photos, description, and measurements of your ideal sex doll and they will make a doll to your specifications.  You can easily ask them to create a Jessica Alba sex doll or Taylor Swift sex doll, and they will probably make it for you.

The downside to a full custom sex doll is the cost, you will pay much more for them to design your own sex doll for you rather than purchasing one of the pre-made dolls.  This is because they'll need to design and build a new mold just for your doll that they may never use again afterwards.

However, if you want to have exactly what you want, and cost is not an issue, a full custom sex doll is the best way to get a celebrity sex doll.

Celebrity Sex Doll Alternatives

Maybe you want the experience of having sex with a celebrity but you don't want to buy a full on sex doll.  Maybe it's the cost or the size, buying a sex doll is just not practical for you.  No problem, there are still options for you!

We recommend you have a look at the celebrity line that Fleshlight makes called Fleshlight Girls.  There you can find Fleshlights made from the mold and made to feel like having sex with popular adult film actresses like Stoya, Jenna Haze, Riley Reid, and Elsa Jean.

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