Getting Down and Dirty with Your Lady

Every man who will ever buy sex doll products will experience the beautiful moment of anticipation when he first takes his new doll out of her shipping box. Finally, after all the time has spent waiting, it is time for him to truly get to know his new lady friend. It is time for him to use her as she was meant to be used, and to experience her as she deserves to be had. The thing is, though, while a woman can tell you what she wants from you, your sex doll can’t do that. She can’t tell you what to do to get the most pleasure out of her... although her rocking body will certainly give you some ideas. We encourage you to experiment with her, to get to know her so to speak. Put her in different positions. See what works best for you. Find the ways that best give you pleasure. After all, everyone is different. What pleases you won’t necessarily be what pleases someone else.

Once you’ve had some time to get to know your sex doll and to see what you prefer, consider also the sexual positions that we describe here on these pages. It’s our goal to see that you get the best out of our realistic love dolls. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased a silicone sex doll or a lifelike sex doll made of Silkoskin™. We know that you are going to enjoy your new sex doll, and we want to help you maximize your pleasure.
Presented here you’ll find some information on how to best use your sex doll for the best sexual experience possible. Sex dolls are not complicated, but if you’ve never used one before, you might find the suggestions we share here to be useful. Remember, you’ve just unpacked your beautiful, gorgeous sex doll and now you’re getting ready to use her body for your pleasure. You can just “rush in,” so to speak, but there are some things you might want to consider.

One of the things you’ll want to do is make sure you have on hand the things you’ll need both to have sex with your sex doll, but also to clean up afterwards. If you ejaculate inside your sex doll, you’ll want to clean her openings after each use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water (not hot water). After each time you use your doll, wipe her synthetic flesh down with a clean, soft, absorbent cloth. Be gentle as you do so. Wipe her too roughly and you could scrub an abrasion into her synthetic skin. Treat her as you would a real woman. Show her how much you like her and want to enjoy the pleasures of her body.

You will need plenty of silicone-safe, synthetic-safe lubricant in order to have sex with your sex doll. Not only does this guarantee that the sex with your doll will be pleasurable and comfortable, but it also ensures that you won’t damage the doll when you use her. As we’ve already said, trying to have sex with your doll without appropriate lubricant runs the risk of damaging her flesh, which you absolutely don’t want to do. (Plus, it won’t feel very good to try and have sex with her without the appropriate lubricant. (That’s something worth mentioning here, too. If you do damage your doll for any reason, don’t try to fix her yourself. Contact us and we’ll advise you how best to deal with the problem.) Always make sure the lubricant you choose for sex is safe for your sex doll’s skin. As we’ve already told you on these pages, petroleum jelly and other chemical lubricants can damage silicone and may damage Silkoskin™ as well.

If you choose to use a condom in order to make cleanup easier with your sex doll, choose only the non-spermicidal, non-lubricated kind. Apply your synthetic-safe lubricant to that condom when it is on you, and also to the openings of your doll (both at the lips of the opening and inside). Again, there is no concern about sexually transmitted diseases with your sex doll, and you’ll never have to worry about getting her pregnant. But wearing condoms helps prevent the buildup of grime inside your sex doll, making it easier for you to clean her with warm water and mild soap each time you use her. The faster and easier it is to maintain her, the happier you will be, and a well cared for sex doll is one that will give you years of useful life. Now, you can still choose to have sex with your sex doll without a condom. But keep in mind that you’ll want to clean her well afterward.

If you would like an added bit of realism, you could choose to warm up your doll so that she is more like a living woman. You have to be careful when doing so. Don’t expose her to extreme sources of heat like hair dryers and space heaters, and don’t put her in a hot tub or bathtub. What you can do, however, is wrap her up in an electric blanket and use that electric blanket to warm her up. She will feel more real when you enter her and play with her until she cools down from the electric blanket. Use your best judgment as to the heat and intensity of the blanket, and don’t leave her under an electric blanket for long periods of time (and certainly not overnight).

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