How Much Does a Sex Doll Weigh?

A standard full-size silicone or TPE sex doll weighs about 70 lbs on average.  The weight of a sex doll with vary based on the height and proportions of the doll.  For example, a tall doll with a large bust and wide hips can weigh up to 100 lbs, while a shorter and slimmer sex doll could weigh as little as 50 lbs.

A great example of an average sex doll is our 165cm doll Tiffany.  She is a full-size lifelike sex doll, standing at 5"5' and weighing 70 lbs.  She has modest proportions and built to look just like an ideal woman.

Weighing in at 70 lbs, Tiffany is a great example of an average sex doll weight.

What is the heaviest sex doll?

The heaviest sex doll on the market is also one of the most popular dolls at the moment.  She weighs a 107 lbs.  What makes her heavy is the same thing that makes her popular, her massive butt.  She is known as being a thicker sex doll with wide hips, big thighs, and G-Cup breasts.  She can be purchased here from Silicon Wives.

Dominique is one of the heaviest sex dolls at 107 lbs.

What is the lightest sex doll?

If getting a lightweight sex doll is important to you, you have a few options.  If you want a fullsize doll, there are sex dolls that weigh around 50 lbs that are usually and 4"10' to 5" tall.  Although they'd be considered quite short if they were a real woman, the extra inches really save you in the weight department.  These dolls are easier to lift and store than their slightly taller counterparts.

Vanessa is a great example of a fullsize doll that does not weigh too much.  She weighs about 55 lbs about half of what a real woman weighs, and you still get a decent sized body with realistic proportions.

Vanessa is a good lightweight doll.

For extremely light weight dolls you also have the option to get a mini sex doll.  Mini sex dolls will be very light, but they are obviously much small than a realistic sex doll.  The good thing about mini sex dolls is that they're also much cheaper, since they require less material to build and cost less to ship.

Lulu is a great mini sex doll to look at due to her small stature and light weight.  She comes a great price too!

Why is sex doll weight important?

Before making a sex doll purchase it is important to understand how much your sex doll will weigh.  Sex doll weight is often an unexpected surprise for many first time sex doll owners.  You may think 70 lbs isn't that heavy, but when it is a full body it can be awkward to carry and more difficult than a 70 lbs dumbbell.  If you are elderly or disabled this is an even more important consideration.  How will you move your sex doll to different places are your house? How will you put them in different positions for sex? and how will you bring her to the bathroom for cleaning? It is important to understand the realities of sex doll ownership before you take the plunge.

Luckily, there are many options for those that are concerned about weight.

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