How To Sell and Buy Used Sex Dolls - Helpful Guide

There is a certain segment of the sex doll market that is willing to purchase a used sex doll to save on the cost of buying a new sex doll.  To many, this may seem far from ideal, don't they worry about the cleanliness and condition when buying a second-hand sex doll? It may seem a little off-putting to use a sex toy that another man has used before, but the truth is with the right cleaning technique you can make a doll as good as a new one, if not even cleaner than when she left the factory.  The cleaning process, which we'll cover in this article, is what sex doll brothels use to clean the dolls in between customer visits. Furthermore, there are many used sex dolls for sale that have not even been used once! The owner simply decided they didn't want it anymore shortly after purchasing her.  Now that your preconceptions and paradigms around used sex dolls have been smashed, let's get things started.

How to Buy a Used Sex Doll

Purchasing a sex doll directly from their previous owner is quite simple once you know where to look.  For serious buyers that don't want to get cheated or scammed, there is only one marketplace we recommend.  You should go to the Buy & Sell Forum on the website

On the Buy & Sell Forum you'll find many posts from doll owners looking to sell their dolls.  You'll find dolls for sale in all conditions, some haven't been taken out of their boxes yet, while others have been in action for a year or more.  The asking prices typically reflect the condition of the doll including wear & tear she has experience over the years.  The sellers will provide pictures and description of the doll.  You can create a forum account and ask them questions or for more info directly in the thread.  If you want to negotiate price you can private message them and ask them for their contact information.

If you are lucky enough to find the doll you want in a good condition, go ahead and strike a deal! Payment is typically handled through Paypal or bank transfer, although cash is sometimes used too if the buyer and seller are nearby geographically. You should be sure to talk about shipping, as well as what to do about damages if they occur. Also be sure to discuss what to do if the doll is not in the described condition upon arrival.  All of this is important to protect yourself as a buyer.  However, despite the risks, the community is a great group of doll enthusiasts where you can feel relatively assured of what and whom you're buying from.

How to Sell or Resell a Used Sex Doll

If you are a sex doll owner and want to sell your sex doll, then we recommend the same thing.  Head to the Buy & Sell Forum on the and make a post advertising your doll to their marketplace.  First you'll need to create an account.  Once approved, you can make a post with all the information of your doll.   The most important thing to get right with your listing is the pictures.  You'll want to provide high-quality images of your doll from all angles.  Be sure to provide close up shots of important parts like the pubic area, the breasts, the face and the feet.

In addition to the high quality photos, be sure to provide a thorough description of your doll and why you have chosen to sell her.  An important thing is to be upfront and clear about any damage or wear & tear visible on your dolls body.  You want the buyer to be completely informed about what they are buying to avoid any disputes after the sale has been made.

Once you've found an interested buyer and have agreed on a price, you'll want to take payment via Paypal or bank transfer.  Then you'll ship the doll to them via FedEx or UPS, provide them the tracking details as soon as possible so they can make arrangements for the day the doll will arrive.  In some cases, you may find a buyer nearby who can come inspect and pay for the doll in-person thus saving you the shipping costs.

How to Clean a Used Sex Doll

The most important part of purchasing a used sex doll is how you clean it after you receive.  Likely, the seller would have cleaned the doll to some degree before sending it to you, however it is very important to do your own cleaning upon receipt of the doll.  The cleaning process is quite simple, follow these 3 steps, the same steps that a sex doll brothel would use.

  1. Clean her skin and cavities with a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser and warm water.  Any hand soap or light dish soap should suffice.
  2. Using the same mixture of soap and water, scrub her down with a wash cloth.  Do the same with her internal orifices, sometimes a small luffa on a stick is helpful for this.
  3. Once she is dry from the wash, if you really want to be 100% sure everything is sterile, you can end the cleaning with a UV light treatment.  For the internal surfaces, a light bleach solution could be used without causing too much damage to the material.

Why Buy A Used Sex Doll

There is one main advantage to purchasing a used sex doll, price.  You can get full-size sex dolls for half the price or less depending on the condition.  After you explore the market place a bit more, you'll find owners selling dolls that haven't even been touched or taken out of their boxes.  They are in factory condition but are still considered used.  If you're budget is extremely limited there are more used options, like dolls that have been used for a year or less.  If the owner took good care of them they will be in great condition and you can REALLY save money.

Another reason would be if you need a sex doll but do not plan to use it for sex.  If you don't want to pay for a new sex doll, you can purchase a used sex doll for your project or needs.  For example, if you're a photographer or artist who needs one.

Other than that, it is usually best to purchase a new sex doll since you won't have to worry about it's condition, hygiene, or warranty.

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