The Ultimate Sex Doll Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Love Doll

So you've settled on purchasing your very own sex doll. A lot of men want the companionship and happiness that comes with owning a sex doll, but many are afraid to actually make a purchase because of the stigmas surrounding these products.

If you've decided you want to buy a sex doll but are still hesitant, set your nerves aside. A sex doll cures loneliness and satisfies a heavy sexual appetite any hour of the day. It's a rewarding purchase for many men that brings numerous personal benefits, but it's also a substantial investment. Therefore, if you're going to commit and purchase your own model, you're going to want to purchase the best sex doll possible.

Because of the stigmas surrounding sex dolls, it can be difficult to find tips, advice, and insider knowledge about what makes a top sex doll. You might not be able to consult with anyone in person about which doll on the market is best, so it's really important you have a thorough guide online that you can turn to.

Here is a complete Best Sex Doll Buyers Guide that will tell you everything you need to know about which doll will be best for you. We've factored in size, shape, price, and brand to determine which sex dolls are guaranteed to satisfy newbies.

What to Look For in a Sex Doll

Sex doll manufacturers create dolls for all types of men. Dolls are made with different body types, physical features, and distinct characteristics that make each model unique. Regardless of physical traits, all sex dolls should be made with quality.

Sex dolls aren't cheap: they can be as expensive as $10,000. But you don't have to pay that much for a quality doll. It's always best to find a model you like made by a company that manufacturers "high-end dolls." These can be found for mid-range prices between $1500 and $4000.

High-end dolls are the highest quality "luxury" dolls you can purchase. They will provide you with the best experience closest to real sex and intimacy. There are a few qualities in high-end sex dolls that you should look for in any doll you're considering.


While they're not necessarily as expensive as the $10k models, high-end dolls are made to last. They're more durable and made with better materials than inexpensive dolls from companies that don't manufacturer their products with care.

One fault with standard sex dolls is that they tend to fall apart after constant use if bent our moved into various positions. They might even become flimsy, which makes them less realistic. High-end dolls are made to move. They are built with bendable joints that make their movements more flexible. Their realistic skeletal structure holds up the doll and secures their position, unlike entry-level dolls which aren't always made to be sturdy.

Customizable Options

Manufacturers of high-end dolls create models that are one-of-a-kind. You're purchasing a doll that's unlike any other because the company sculpts each model to have a specific look and feel with various physical features and dimensions.

Once you find a look you like, most of the time you can customize some features of the doll to your liking. Models come in various skin colors and vagina sizes. This is really convenient because any man can use a high-end doll as opposed to settling for a model that isn't a good fit.

You can even choose feet type for your doll. Dolls can be made to stand or rest against objects.

Realistic Sex Doll Features

High-end dolls are made with more realistic features than cheaper products and will give you a closer experience to real sex. With detailed eyes, face structure, lips, hair, and even unique features like beauty marks and blush, the experience is as close to having sex with a woman as possible.

A realistic doll makes all the difference. You'll feel like you're looking into the eyes of your dream woman. With cheaper models, you're risking having an unrealistic experience. And if you're going to try out using a sex doll, you might as well strive for the most ideal sex possible.

Sexual Features

The extra care put into high-end dolls not only makes them more realistic, but also more attractive. Often, high-end dolls are made with extra large breasts, plump bottoms, and most importantly, realistic vaginas.

A doll's vagina is one of its most important assets, and so you're going to want to make sure that the one you purchase suits your preferences, which is most likely with a high-end doll. Vaginal depth provided by high-end construction contributes to the sensation of entering a real vagina.

Quality Materials

A large component will be how the doll's vagina feels. High-end dolls are constructed with quality silicon. Check product details for medical-grade macro-molecule silicon. This is the highest quality material possible to purchase and will transform your sex from mediocre to better than the real thing.

This material is platinum cured, which keeps the doll's parts together and prevents decomposition. Using cheaper silicon puts you at risk of being exposed to the inner oil the doll is made of. This isn't necessarily common even with entry-level dolls, but it's still always best to avoid this dilemma.

High-End Sex Doll

No matter what, a high-end doll will give you the sensation of deep, intimate, realistic sex with a doll that's detailed features give each silicon model a specific personality.

high end sex doll


Beth is an ultra-luxurious sex doll with extremely realistic looks, delicate skin, and a flexible body. She has an average height for most men and a skinny built with a large bottom and big breasts. Her physical features are highly detailed- from her nipple color to eye makeup, Beth echoes a real woman. Beth also comes with eclectic hair color choices that make this doll as unique as a real individual.

Beth offers a deep vaginal depth of 18cm, oral depth of 14cm, and anal depth of 16cm. Beth's inner dimensions make her a perfect fit for larger penises, but she can still hold men of all sizes with her firm construction. Beth can bend beautifully and is a perfect companion for many positions and adventurous play.

Beth delivers the ultimate sex doll experience. And for a high-end doll, Beth's price is extremely modest.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls

Although high-end dolls are always the way to go, you might decide to settle for a less expensive doll with many of the distinct features and capabilities that a high-end doll offers.

Mid-End dolls are still detailed, flexible, durable, and comfortable, but they're just not quite as well-made as high-end dolls. You might even struggle to tell the difference, but high-end dolls are more detail-oriented in features and construction. It won't last as long as an expensive product, and you might notice a few imperfections in the dolls manufacturing that you'll never see in a high-end doll.

Unlike the platinum cured high-end silicone, these dolls are made with medium-quality silicone. Some are made with thermoplastic elastomer, which isn't as durable of a material. Over time, your doll might leak inner oil and lose its realistic fleshy quality. They'll last many uses, just not as many as a high-end product.

You can find many mid-end dolls with details that are unique and personal - take Mandy, for example.


Mindy is a great example of the luxurious experience mid-end dolls can offer. Mandy is average height (5ft) with a 91cm bust. She's deliciously curvy with 86cm hips and large breasts that rest firmly on her chest.

Mindy is made with luscious lips and detailed features- she carries a unique expression and her silvery-brown hair color is signature. Most importantly, she has a vaginal depth of 16cm, oral depth of 12cm, and her anal depth is 14cm. Mandy is constructed with detail and depth intended to provide ultimate satisfaction and intimacy for any man that enjoys her type.

Mindy is an averagely priced sex doll that still offers many of the advantages of higher quality models. Buy sex doll Mindy if you like thick curves and want to try playing with a doll before committing to a higher end and longer lasting model.

Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Entry-level dolls are characterized by their cheaper materials that make them slightly less realistic, durable and comfortable. They're also usually much smaller, at about 3-4ft as opposed to 5 and even 6ft. Although they're often referred to as "mini sex dolls," they still boast D-cup breasts, large bottoms, and vaginal depth.

Entry-level dolls are ideal for discreet men that are want to play with a new partner without investing in a pricier high-end doll. Due to their size, these dolls are easy to store away and hide. They are lightweight and easy to carry out of the sight of others.

If you're searching for an intimate experience, you might be selling yourself short with an entry-level doll. All sex dolls are going to be a bit of an investment, and you might want to at least consider a mid-level doll that will provide a more realistic experience for a slightly higher price.

Other Types of Sex Dolls

Regardless of what price range you're looking for in a sex doll, each quality type contains dolls that are designed to appeal to specific body types, fetishes, and fantasies.

Fetish Dolls, Dress, and Accessories 

It's easy to find a sex doll that inspires a specific fantasy or fetish. Some dolls come dressed as schoolgirls, housewives, maids, nurses, etc. Some retailers even sell outfits and accessories specifically for dolls. These clothes are designed to fit around thick curves, large breasts, and make your doll more arousing in appearance.

You can also purchase clothes for your doll to wear. This way, you have full control over how your dolls look. Dressing your doll can ignite your imagination, bring your fantasies to life, and enhance the overall experience.

Extra Large Breasts and Butt

While many high-end and mid-level dolls can be purchased with extra large curves, some are made to specifically to appeal to men that crave the largest breasts and butts possible. Pauline is the perfect model for men with a penchant for extra large breasts. Pauline's are larger than life and realistic to boot.

Or instead buy sex doll Aliah for breasts that bring enormous fun and a butt that's larger than the average model. 

Torsos, Feet, and Legs

If you're looking for a smaller model to play with, you can purchase individual parts that are as realistic as a life-size model. Some manufacturers sell individual feet and legs. You can even purchase a set of breasts.

The most popular variation of full-bodied dolls is torsos. Torsos include several features of a model, but never the entire body. Torsos are the best sex doll for discreet men that can't risk having a life-size doll out in the open or a man that's not ready to fully experience a full-bodied doll.

Bottom Line: What is the Best Sex Doll to Buy?

As we reach the end of our sex doll buyers guide, it's clear that the sex doll market is wide enough that any man can confidently invest in a sex doll ideal for their preferences, price limit, and lifestyle. High-end dolls are always recommended for the full experience. They bring you the closest to real sex because of their high quality and realistic construction, detail, and enhanced physical features like vaginal, anal, and oral depth.

However, the top sex dolls aren't necessarily best for every man. Some would benefit from a torso or mini doll to stay discreet or simply experiment. No matter what you prefer, a sex doll awaits that will bring pleasure, intimacy, and fun. It's up to you to research. Explore options, prices, and styles before bringing home a pricy model. The more you learn about the doll you're interested in, the better you'll be able to determine whether your doll of choice will satisfy your sexual desires.

Most importantly, don't be nervous. It's healthy to explore your sexuality with a sex doll and it's completely normal. The less you shy away from your inner desire during your research, the more likely you are to find your compatible sex doll.

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