Sex Doll Videos - Men Having Sex With Sex Dolls

Before purchasing as sex doll it is important to know what it will be like to have sex with it.  To answer these questions we've compiled a list of our favorite sex doll videos featuring men having sex with sex dolls.

In each of these videos you'll see what it looks like to have sex with a doll.  You'll get an idea of what positions are possible, how the body parts react, and generally what the experience will be like.

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Sex Doll Videos

Video #1 - If you're curious what it would be like to have a sex doll riding you on top, or how sex doll skin feels this is your video.

Video #2 - This video features a man having sex with a lifelike blonde sex doll.  The video begins with an oral sex scene which shows clearly how the dolls lips behave and how deep their mouth is.  The video then transitions to a doggy style scene where you can see how the sex doll's breasts and ass jiggle during sex.

Video #3 - In this video you'll see what you can expect when having sex in the missionary position with a sex doll.

Video #4 - This is another great video showing both doggy style and oral sex scenes.

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