Sex Dolls For Submissive Men

Sex dolls are very flexible.  They’ll go along with about anything you want to do with them or to them.  Are you into anal? Great, they are too. Do you like your woman to dress like a furry with a tail? She loves it too.  Do you want to spank her as hard as you can while you choke her? She won’t complain.

That’s a big part of what makes sex dolls so great, they are a willing and compliant sex partner who is ready to do anything you want.  There is one thing though…what if you’re a submissive man?

Some men just like it when a woman is in control.  They like being told what to do, how to do it, and even abused a little bit (or a lot).  Heck, some men even want women to control their bank accounts, learn about the findom fetish.  How can an inanimate sex doll provide the kind of experience that a submissive man wants?

The truth is they cannot.  Unless your imagination is out of this world, a sex doll just won’t be the right fit for a man you wants a dominant woman.  So what are your options?

Wait For Sex Robots

One day there may be sex robots that can provide the dominate presence that you so desire.  These robots will look like real humans, talk like a dominatrix, and be strong enough to show you who is boss in the bedroom.  You'll be able to program her to act exactly as you want so that you know the experience will be perfect every time.

Buy A Sex Machine

Sex machines with a vagina sleeve may be another good option for you men who like to be fucked rather than do the fucking.  These machines are essentially just a piston that you control the speed of.  The vagina attachment will stroke your penis as fast or as slow as you want.  This will simulate the feeling of a girl riding you rather than you doing all the work.  This can be a nice change from a sex doll which you'll have to do most of the heavy lifting.

We recommend this sex machine as it is very light-weight, reliable, and can be angled for any position you like.

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