Sexual Positions with Your Girl

When it’s time to finally have sex with your girl, you know that you will enjoy it. She will not refuse you. She will never say no to anything you want to try. She’ll always be ready for sex. Her sex drive will perfectly match your own. While her internal skeleton can’t hold her upright (and therefore she’ll need support in certain positions and in key ways), once you learn how best to proper her up, you’ll be able to have sex with her in several different positions. She is the same size and weight, more or less, as a living person. Keep this in mind when you move her around, and gently position her so you can have fun with her. Apply your synthetic-safe lubricant to your shaft and to her openings, getting some on the outer part of the opening and some inside it, and then use her as much as you want to use her for as long as you like. You will be amazed at what it feels like to have sex with your silicone sex doll or Silkoskin™ realistic sex doll.

One way to position your sex doll is to sit her up in a chair or on a sofa. Then you can use her mouth opening as you stand in front of her. This is a great way to simulate oral sex. It’s also a great way to get yourself ready for a more intense sexual experience. Just like with a “real” woman, having sex with your lovely lady’s mouth serves as remarkably good foreplay before you start to go to town on her for real.

Another way to have sex with your sex doll is in the classic missionary pose, where she is on her back and you are between her legs. This is a great position for marathon sex sessions, as she’s supported easily by the bed and you are not required to do anything but enjoy her. From this position, of course, you can also have access to her mouth, fondle and touch her body, and use her anal opening if that’s what you prefer, although you may want to prop her up on a pillow underneath her rear end for better access.

Do you like spooning? You can spoon up behind your sex doll and use either of her vaginal or anal openings if you want. You don’t have to support her body or your own in this position, so this is a very comfortable option. Remember that you can’t get underneath her unless you want to bear the full weight of her synthetic body on yours, which most people would find awkward.

Many of our clients prefer doggy style sex from behind. Your sex doll has an extra tight anal opening that makes rear-entry sex very satisfying. Just lube her up, prop up the top of her on the edge of a bed or the arm of a couch, and you can get behind her to pump away on her for as long as you need to. Make sure she’s properly supported before you start sawing away, though, because if she starts to slide, you might slide with her. Your sex doll is too heavy for you to grab and pull up suddenly if she starts to slide off a chair or off a bed, and you don’t want to risk damaging her in a fall if you can help it, so take the time to make sure she’s nice and stable. The more well positioned your sex doll, the better you will be able to enjoy her body for hours at a time. That, after all, is what the sex doll lifestyle is all about. Buy your silicone sex doll or Silkoskin™ realistic love doll from today and start to experience the sexual gratification you’ve been putting off for far too long.

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