Shopping for Sex Dolls

That brings us, however, to shopping for a sex doll. Here is where things get difficult. You know that if you buy sex doll products like top of the line silicone sex dolls from premium dealers of name brand sex dolls, you will get a high quality, specialty product. Some of these sellers even allow you to customize the look of your sex doll. You may either choose from modular looks and presentations, from the body to the face and the accessories that come with it, or you may even, in some cases, provide photographic references for a sex doll that looks like someone specific. Services like that even provide sex dolls that are not sex dolls at all, but simply lifelike representations of human beings who may have lasting sentimental value to the people who commission them. For example, if you miss your late mother (or any other friend or relative), you could conceivably have a lifelike representation of her made so that you can sit her in her favorite chair and always have her to keep you company. The possibilities are endless and, frankly, we very much approve of them. But that is not the service we offer, for a very good reason. We offer sex dolls that are competitive with these silicone sex dolls, but we do not offer custom sex dolls.

A custom made sex doll is very expensive because it is a one of a kind item. The quality level is very high, yes, giving you the best possible experience, but the actual amount of satisfaction you get from such a doll is lowered by how much you had to pay for it. Every time you try to get close to your new sex doll, you’re going to be thinking about just how expensive that doll was for you to buy. Worrying about the fact that your credit cards are now maxed out because you spent thousands of dollars on a sex doll is not going to leave you filled with satisfaction, is it? We think it’s more likely to make you unhappy and disappointed. It’s going to leave you feeling like you got ripped off, even though you weren’t ripped off at all; you got precisely the product you asked for at precisely the price that was asked. The problem is that even though a great sex doll represents a very positive lifestyle change in your day to day existence, paying so many thousands of dollars for a high-quality sex doll reverse the progress you’ve made. It hits you in the wallet, instead of the heart. So you have a product that you could get to know and enjoy... but you have what is called “buyer’s remorse,” especially when that credit card bill comes due. Now you’re paying off that balance over time and paying painfully high interest rates on your credit cards. When that becomes the reality of your financial life, will your sex doll seem like a good deal?

Going the other way and trying to “cheap out” is going to give you a different set of problems. In an effort to find a budget-friendly alternative, you may have sought a sex doll at a number of other websites, all of which appear to offer a very high quality real doll type silicone sex doll at rock-bottom, bargain basement prices. You will look at these dolls and think you are getting a quality level on part with the top-dollar, name-brand sex dolls in the industry, but a price that is very low compared to what those dolls go for. But can you really expect quality that high at only ten percent, even five percent of the price for a top-dollar, name-brand sex doll? Can you dare to buy sex doll products from such a website?

Well, no, you probably shouldn’t. Many of those sites simply don’t have the reputation for excellent service that we do. When you buy from the competition, you have no idea what you are getting. That’s the big problem with trying to buy sex doll alternatives from budget websites. You’re basically rolling the dice, playing a game of Russian roulette with your wallet. When you buy a sex doll from one of those discount budget websites, one of those no name outlets that purports to be a reputable seller, are you going to get what you are looking for? Well, that’s a good question.

We honestly couldn’t tell you. That’s because there’s just absolutely no way to tell. You might get what you paid for, and then again, you might not. You might get a silicone sex doll of reasonable quality. You might get a silicone sex doll of inferior quality. And you just might get something that looks like a glorified blow up sex doll, which really isn’t what you thought you were buying at all. Now, we would like to think most of these websites aren’t just looking to pull a bait and switch scam. But that is the risk you take when you buy sex doll alternative or sex dolls from a less than reputable seller. Don’t put yourself through that! Buy with us and know ahead of time that you are buying a quality product at a great price from a reputable seller.

Are you getting ready to buy sex doll products of your own? Are you preparing to pull the trigger? Well, even if you think you’re getting a fantastic price for a sex doll, those less expensive dolls still command prices of a few hundred dollars. Are you ready to risk a few hundred dollars of your hard-earned money on something that might or might not be a good product? It’s not like buying a sweater that doesn’t fit as well as you’d hoped, after all. When you buy sex doll alternatives or sex dolls themselves, you are making an incredibly intimate purchase of something that is going to be very close to you. The level of closeness and fulfillment that a great sex doll provides is unlike any sex toy you’ve purchased and, frankly, calling one of our sex dolls a “sex toy” is just not accurate. It might be more accurate to call our sex toys a full-body recreation of the female form. They are the size, shape, and weight of a full-size woman, who is petite, tight and sexy. While their features vary and their various body parts are accentuated in different ways, every one of them is beautiful... and every one of them is waiting for you to have them however you want them. That is why we created was built on the notion that this incredibly personal, incredibly real need on the part of all men exists. You desire a nicely made, nicely finished, high-quality personal silicone sex doll or lifelike sex doll made of synthetic Silkoskin™, one that does not command premium prices but which does not sacrifice quality or details. It isn’t that you’re looking to be cheap about it. Is it “cheap” to want to get value for your money? We don’t believe that the cost of manufacturing a silicone sex doll or lifelike sex doll of Silkoskin™, with modern equipment, especially if the product is not a custom product or semi-custom product, should be as high as some manufacturers and sellers would have you believe. What we mean by this is that we think a modern, commercially made, high-quality sex doll should by its nature cost less if it was created by a reputable company that knows how to manage its business. When you commission a custom sex doll, you expect that sex doll to cost quite a bit of money because it is a one-of-a-kind product. And what is the difference between a custom product and a semi-custom product? Semi-custom sex dolls are sex dolls that incorporate a great deal of handmade features and which are produced relatively slowly. Certainly, you should expect to pay premium prices for products like these. You’re paying for the personal touch and you’re paying for extremely high quality and high attention to detail. But that’s where these high prices come from, after all. And just like you don’t need to drive a handmade car to work, nor is a Ferrari supercar the ideal commuting vehicle, a sex doll doesn’t have to command custom doll prices for you to enjoy it.

Our Silkoskin™ sex dolls cost a fraction of what a comparable, real doll type silicone sex doll commands at competitors’ websites. We believe a sex doll should be of good quality. It should be fully featured. It should show good attention to detail, it should be beautiful and sexy, and it should be designed in such a way that our clients can truly enjoy it as intimately as they want to. But we also believe that a truly good, high-quality sex doll should also be affordable. It should command a price that the average person can afford. No, it is not an insignificant sum of money, which is why you don’t want to gamble that price on just any website that claims to sell you a cheap sex doll product. But it’s an amount that you can afford to pay and that will not be hanging over you for month after month as part of a credit card balance you are struggling to pay down. It’s an amount that the average person can live with, but it’s also enough to cover our costs in bringing you a high-quality, attractive, even seductive silicone or Silkoskin™ sex doll. We’ve spent so much time making sure our girls are the types of sexy ladies you will want. We hope you’ll agree. We hope you’ll bring one home today.

We should point out that nothing about our sex dolls is actually “cheap.” We offer them at prices that often make them seem too good to be true. They are very good, but they are no mistake. In working to bring you an affordable sex doll, we did a great deal of research in the market. We looked at precisely those features that are important to sex doll owners. We watched the sex doll documentaries that are out there. We read through the various doll forums, where doll owners talk about why their sex dolls are important to them, what they look for in a sex doll, any of the maintenance issues they may be having, and anything else that is important to discerning clients of sex doll sellers across the Internet. We take very seriously our charge to serve you and meet your needs. We want to make you happy, yes, but more importantly, we want to provide a consistently great product that is as expected and that makes your nights more enjoyable.

We know only too well that what we produce is an intimate device, something that is more than just a sex toy, more than just a marital aid, and more than just a masturbator. Those names are reserved for products that are generally smaller and more self-contained. A pocket pussy or some other kind of masturbator feels great, sure, but it’s not a woman. It’s not a person. It’s not the size or shape of a woman. It simply does not represent the entire sex doll experience, and we consider that a real problem. If you want a great sex doll product, you don’t want to settle for less. You don’t want something that doesn’t fulfill your expectations and your sexual needs. You have needs, you have wants, and you have desires. We are in the business of fulfilling those desires.

If what you want is sex on your terms with a beautiful woman, don’t do yourself the disservice of settling for trying to buy sex doll alternatives that are less than a full-sized silicone or Silkoskin™ sex doll. If you do that to yourself you will end up with something that does not satisfy you well. These products, like masturbators and even detached oral-sex simulation heads and other items, don’t hold up well compared to the sex dolls we offer, because they are only parts. They are a piece of a woman only. Do you want to make love to only a woman’s torso? What about just her head? Wouldn’t you find it less than completely sexually fulfilling to have something that is not really the size, shape, and appearance of a woman? You’re in the market for an affordable sex doll because you understand how a sex doll can change your life. So why would you settle for something less? Well, you’d settle if you thought it was the only thing you can afford, and sadly, a lot of people who buy sex doll alternatives are people who didn’t yet discover, or who have been burned trying to buy an affordable sex doll from lesser sites (or sites that are not even completely legitimate). Don’t do that! Don’t voluntarily buy something that simply falls short of a full-sized silicone sex doll. We know you want a budget-friendly alternative, but don’t sacrifice quality and features in the bargain just to spend less money. You want and deserve a full size sex doll. That’s the pleasure you have been seeking, and that’s the pleasure we provide.

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