Sex Dolls in Thailand - Everything You Need To Know

Thailand certainly has a reputation for a thriving and vibrant sex industry, but what about sex dolls? Is it possible to buy a sex doll in Thailand? Can you buy a sex doll online and have it imported to Thailand? Are sex dolls legal in Thailand? This article will provide answers to all the commons questions about sex dolls in Thailand.

Where to Buy Sex Dolls in Thailand

Unfortunately, there are no retail shops that carry lifesize sex dolls in Thailand.  Therefore your only option is to purchase a sex doll online.  Luckily there are many sex doll websites that offer free international shipping to Thailand, us included.

Nana is one of the most popular choices for Thai sex doll shoppers.

Shipping and Importing Sex Doll to Thailand

It is legal to import and receive sex dolls from abroad in Thailand.  However it is common to experience long delays due to customs if you ship through large companies like DHL and you'll be required to pay a hefty import tax before you can receive your package.

If you order from we have a private shipping carrier that will import your sex doll tax free and deliver to your address.  Shipping through this method takes about 1 month from when your order ships until delivery.  Your doll will arrive in a wooden crate, safe from all damage, and in brand new factory condition.

Are Sex Doll Legal in Thailand?

This question is hard to answer definitively as Thailand has a very conservative culture on the surface, but tends to look the other way on many things.  For example, technically prostitution is illegal in Thailand, but that doesn't stop it from happening in broad daylight all over the major cities of the country.

We are not lawyers, and this is in no way proper legal advice, but anecdotally speaking we have never seen any cases of customers or importers given any trouble for sex dolls.  A sex doll for personal uses inside your home is nothing to worry about.

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