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You are probably wondering by now how it is that can offer such high quality products at such low prices. Part of it is the innovative material that is Silkoskin™. Our site was built on the need to fulfill our clients’ wishes for high-quality, full-size, affordable sex dolls that match our clients’ expectations for a great product that can fulfill their intimate needs, all at a price that will not break your budget. You can buy high quality real doll type silicone sex dolls from more than one website on line, but you’re definitely going to pay high prices for them. There may be a wait for them, too, because each one has to be custom built to order.

Wouldn’t it be better to have access to sex dolls that were just as good, but were produced on a production-level, rather than custom-level or semi-custom level basis? And if you could have dolls that looked and felt just as good as silicone, but which didn’t have the allergy issues of silicone, and which was cheaper and just as durable if not better? And if it weighed less than silicone but still resulted in a beautiful, sexy, full-sized product with which you could simulate realistic sexual intercourse... wouldn’t you want that? Well, that’s our Silkoskin™ material, and our dolls made of Silkoskin™ are waiting to be explored at prices we think you’ll find very attractive. There is no more personal and intimate a sex product as the sex doll you get from us. Nothing you buy will ever have as significant an impact on the rest of your life. You need to get the best bargain possible if you want to have the best experience possible and have no “buyer’s remorse” in the bargain... but what does “bargain” mean, in this context?

A deal isn’t a bargain if you end up with an inferior product. A sex doll isn’t something you can truly call your own, truly take satisfaction in, truly enjoy, if when you get it home and take it out of the packaging, you find it to be of inferior quality. Will you truly be able to enjoy that sex doll if that is what happens to you? Or will you find that every time you try to use that doll, every time you touch it, every time you try to get close to it, you will be deeply disappointed, regretting the money that you spent on it? We know only too well just how awful it can be to spend a great deal of money on a product only to be disappointed in it. is devoted to making sure our customers are happy. When you buy from, you are buying from a staff of fellow doll lovers that actually cares about your satisfaction and happiness. We want you to be happy, and that means making sure you get everything need from your new sex doll. Your satisfaction with your sex doll purchase hinges on the quality of the product, not to mention whether the shopping experience matches your expectations. In fact, we’ve found that much of true client satisfaction rests in how we both manage and match expectations for every part of the process.

So how do we do it? How do we make our dolls so great but so inexpensive? How is it we are able to offer sex dolls of such great detail, of such great realism, of such great quality, at the prices we ask? Especially when you compare our dolls to the leading name brand in the industry, offers an incredible value for your buying dollars. So how do we accomplish this?

Whenever possible, we make arrangements for bulk supplies of product. We do everything we can to save on the unit cost and pass those unit savings onto you. And we conduct the same process with all our suppliers where applicable. We’re all about making you happy, setting you up for success, and giving you the best possible bang for your buck. This reduces your potential for buyer’s remorse and makes you much more likely to be pleased with your product. All the savings we produce we pass on to you, and that includes the savings in using Silkoskin™ for some of our sex dolls. Silkoskin™ costs up to seventy to eighty percent less than comparable silicone sex dolls. And of course the decision not to make custom dolls, but to manufacture dolls that are part of a specific product line, was a big part of how we kept the costs low. Maintaining these rigorous cost limits has made all the difference.

The good news is that every sex doll we manufacture, even the ones from the same model line, are unique. There are small variations in the manufacturing process that guarantee that your sex doll won’t look quite like any other sex doll, even dolls of the same model name and specifications. It’s almost as if something about the manufacturing process for these sex dolls produces a unique individual every time, someone with a personality that is specific to her. You can further make your sex doll unique by customizing it to suit you. You can style her hair however you like, you can clothe her and accessorize her however is best, and you can make her a unique human being with a personality that you can perceive. Our factory models have names, but that doesn’t mean that’s what you have to name her. You can give her any name that suits you. She can be any person you want her to be, and her personality can be however you think it should be. She is a unique creation that you help to build and to form, but also one who will change your life forever.

Match your sex dolls clothing and lingerie to your moods and desire. No matter how you want her to be, no matter what you want her to look like, you can tailor her appearance to suit you. Do you want her lounging in elaborate lingerie? All you have to do is put her in sweet, hot lingerie that is her size, and you can buy her an entire wardrobe of it because she will never gain a single pound. Do you want to keep her naked, or maybe geared up BDSM style so she can be your sexy love slave? Not only can you do that, but she’ll never get cold, she’ll never get tired, she’ll never get bored, and she’ll never complain. Do you want to keep her in a nice little dress so a sweet young thing greets you when you come home? Then put her in the outfit of your choice and you’ll be able to enjoy her as much as you want. Our sex dolls give you that option.

The high level of product quality our sex dolls offer is the final detail that should make you a believer in our firm and our process. We put a lot of attention into the details and features of our sex dolls. That is why our Silkoskin™ sex dolls and our silicone sex dolls compare so favorably to real doll type silicone sex dolls costing many times as much. You simply will not find a better sex doll at the prices we offer. That’s because our sex dolls target that part of the market that has been terribly underserved by what’s available in real doll type silicone sex dolls. You really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money to get a great product that you can enjoy. This is a product that is very well made and is manufactured against a high standard of quality control and quality oversight. Every single one of our beautiful sex dolls is fully inspected for quality before it leave the factory. When we send you one of our girls, we will see to it she gets there safely... and we will make sure she is everything you have always wanted.

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