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25 products

We are the official USA vendor of JY Doll sex doll brand.  When you buy a JY Doll from SexDoll.com you are receiving an authentic JY Doll at factory pricing.  There is no better source for JY Doll sex dolls in the United States than SexDoll.com.

About JY Doll

JY Doll is a sex doll manufacturing company located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of China.  They produce a wide variety of realistic full-size sex dolls, with a special focus on petite or fit bodies with extremely large breasts.

JY Dolls are made of super-soft and lifelike TPE material.  TPE material is one of the best materials from sex dolls because of the soft feel, elasticity and durability.  Inside they are constructed with a flexible metal skeleton that is posable into most positions humans can do.  All their materials have been approved by the National Health & Safety Standard in China and are completely safe for human usage.

If you have any questions about SexDoll.com or JY Doll sex doll brand please contact us at info@sexdoll.com.