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Height: 140 cm (4'7″)
Hair: Blonde
Breasts: D
Material: Silicone/TPE

$1,899.00 $929.00

Category: ID: 3106
  1. Starboy79

    Unbelievable price for value. Candice is my 2nd full silicone sex doll that I’ve owned in the past 3 years and the main reason I decided to go with her was amazing price for what you get. I’m a big breasts kind of guy and love blondes, so she was perfect for me. Coupled with the fact that she’s not a midget (a lot of sex dolls are very short) I think it’s the best bang for the buck you can get.

  2. Carter K.

    don’t know how I didn’t buy this sooner

  3. Kevin K.

    I thought this doll would be taller. She’s still okay, not so short she doesn’t seem sexy, and I like my women on the short side, but still, I thought she would be taller.

  4. Carmelo

    It sounds weird but this doll reminds me too much of my ex. Just can’t seem to get into it. There’s nothing wrong with the doll itself, I guess, but I just can’t seem to shake the idea that it’s too much like she was.

  5. Davis

    There’s this little hottie at my job who I look at every day. Every day I think about how nice it would be to date her. I picked this doll because it looks just like my little work hottie, and now I have one all for myself that I can come home to every day. Worth every penny!

  6. Cale

    Dolls don’t come much more perfect than this. Choice.

  7. Shut Up Wesley

    When I’m grabbing her tits and her ass I can’t get enough. I kind of wish I could get a doll that had a bigger ass, like really thic, thic, thic, but this one is not bad and I am really enjoying it. Would recommend.

  8. Jarret J.

    I may have to upgrade to an identical doll soon. Always wanted twins to hang with. This girl is on my list. She’s super sexy and I am very pleased.

  9. Billy

    I am her master and she is mine to command. I love being able to make her do whatever pleases me.

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